Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Agent when selling your home

Have you been thinking about selling your home? You should understand that no matter who you decide to hire, there are specific steps necessary to successfully sell your home or your family and friend’s property. Today’s market requires proactive, aggressive marking and a good understanding of the overall market.

Please let me introduce myself and explain to you why it would be in your best interest to select me as your next Realtor”

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  • A drive for excellence that is an ongoing process.
  • Technical expertise that makes innovation a state of mind.
  • Always doing the “right thing.”

I’m committed to providing good customer service. l will listen to your needs and wants, and then come back to you with a plan that works for you. My customers continually become my long-term customers time and time again, choosing me for all their real estate needs and referring me to their family and friends…

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How to sell your house for the best price?

Find a trusted real estate agent

Finding someone who can explain the ins and outs of real estate – and being open to his or her advice is often the first step to a positive sale.

Trust is crucial. Finding a real estate agent who works in your best interests is important for such a major transaction. A skilled, caring agent can devote the necessary time and energy to get the most out of your home’s potential. They’ll also likely be more honest about any flaws that need to be addressed. Developing a positive working relationship with a real estate agent who takes to heart your life plans, financial goals and family dynamics can help relieve the stress of selling your house.

Be realistic about the price

What your agent tells you may not always be what you want to hear. Most homeowners believe the value of their home is greater than the price for which it can sell, and they may push for a higher initial listing than is justified by the current market. Regardless of what you originally paid for the home, your agent can offer a realistic assessment of it’s true market value, while providing information on sales of similar homes in your area.


By listing a home at a more realistic price, it’s likely to receive more offers. This can give a seller more leverage in negotiations with the buyer, which may lead to a higher sales price.

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Ready to Sell Your Home?

Before selling your home, before you start making repairs or marking dates on your calendar for an open house, it’s smart to prepare a home selling plan.


Step 1: Plan and Prepare to Sell

– The longer a home is on the market, the less attractive it is to potential buyers.  The best home selling strategies are to price it right, prepare it for listing, and attract the home buyer who will offer the highest dollar in record time.

Step 2: What is Your Home Worth

– Every owner wants the absolute best price and terms. Several factors will determine how much you can get for your home. The idea is to maximize your price with the best terms during the time your home is being marketed.

– All property has a price and sometimes more than one. There is the price you would like to get, the value the buyer is willing to offer and a middle point which can result in a sale. prices are a product of supply and demand. It is important to be realistic in the pricing.

Step 3: Marketing Your Home

– Marketing is the key to success! Each home is unique and the marketing will be determined at the time of the listing appointment.

– The greater the exposure, the greater chance you have to sell in a reasonable time for the best price.

Step 4: Sell it!

– We will need to carefully review all offers and consider the options to determine whether an offer is acceptable to you. You will have the choice to reject the offer, counter the offer or accept the offer.

– This step typically involves some compromises by both sides.

Step 5 : Closing your Home

– A sales agreement sets the sales price but also starts a series of terms and conditions that must be completed.



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Pet Protection

From making sure your pet is properly tagged to checking your smoke detectors regularly, here are the best ways to prepare for a fire emergency.

Buy a pet – rescue alert sticker.

– These stickers are a lifesaver in a fire because they can tell rescue workers what pets live inside your home. Make the sticker visible by placing it near or on your front door. It should include the types of animals inside as well as the name and number of your vet.

Make sure your pet is easily identifiable.

– If your pet bolts during a fire, how will he or she get back to you? If your dog or cat is wearing a collar or tags with up-to-dat identification information – including their name, your name, your address and phone  number- It’s much easier to locate you in the aftermath of an emergency.

Know your vet’s contact info.

– In the event that your pet’s injuries are more severe, it;s smart to keep the phone number and address of a local animal hospital handy. Having help on speed dial could be a matter of life or death for your pet.

Keep leashes and an emergency kit near an exit.

– Place items you might need in an emergency- such as leash or cat carrier- where you can quickly and easily get to them.

Practice routes of escapes.

– Make sure you’ve got an emergency plan – identify points of quick exit in your home – and do a dry run with your pet.

Know where to find your furry BFF.

– A moment’s notice may be all you have in an emergency, so make sure you’re aware of all the places your pets like to hide because you may need to find them and evacuate quickly.

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8 Real Estate Hacks Everyone Should Know

Discover 8 real estate hacks that everyone should know, whether you are a home buyer, home seller, or you have any interest in buying or selling a home in the future. These interesting alternate ways have been collected over a lifetime of experience in just about every major facet of real estate. They are ageless and all-inclusive. Furthermore, you’ll just discover these incredibly valuable hints here.

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Tips for Creating an Energy-Efficient Kitchen

Is your kitchen an energy waster? Make it a super energy-efficient kitchen with these easy money- and energy-saving tips. Do you know about vampire power–the power many appliances and devices draw when switched off? Find out how you can cut that phantom power draw with a few small changes. Remember, saving energy doesn’t just save money, it helps the environment too!

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Changing Market!

Sales of Existing Single-Family Homes

California’s housing market softened further in July for the third consecutive month as higher interest rates and rising home prices eroded housing affordability and dampened demand.

In the midst of the peak home-buying season, high home prices and rising interest rates combined to crimp housing affordability, which in turn is subduing home sales. Some of the reluctance by buyer s appears to be driven by fears that the market may be peaking. Additionally, the lack of a federal tax incentive for homeownership could be at play given that much of the weakness is in the lower-priced, first-time buyer segment of the market.

Whether you are buying a home in a desirable buyer’s market or a fast-moving seller, I can help you get financing in order quickly and efficiently.



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Experts weigh in on what the 2018 housing market will bring

Before the passage of the tax bill, experts were anticipating more of the same from the housing market in 2018. The limited supply of homes for sale was the biggest issue facing the market last year and it will continue to be a problem, particularly in the entry-level market. Although some are predicting those constraints to ease, the persistent low supply is expected to keep driving prices higher. Mortgage rates were fairly static last year but most experts see them rising in the coming year.

Because the tax bill was passed after the real estate entities put out their 2018 forecasts, their projections below don’t include what impact, if any, several provisions in the bill — such as the caps on the mortgage interest and property tax deductions — will have on the market. Some experts are anticipating prices won’t rise nearly as fast because of the new law. Others say it will help first-time home buyers enter the market.

Here is a roundup of their forecasts and what they expect the major trends to be in the coming year:

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New California Probate Code Section 851

If you are utilizing California probate code 850 to do a Heggstad petition or other utilization of this broad code section be careful on your notice of hearing! As of January 1, 2018 there is a new California probate code section 851.

Probate Code

Prob C § 851. (a) At least 30 days prior to the day of the hearing, the petitioner shall cause notice of the hearing and a copy of the petition to be served in the manner provided in Chapter 4 (commencing with Section 413.10) of Title 5 of Part 2 of the Code of Civil Procedure on all of the following persons where applicable:

(1) The personal representative, conservator, guardian, or trustee as appropriate.

(2) Each person claiming an interest in, or having title to or possession of, the property.

(b) Except for those persons given notice pursuant to subdivision (a), notice of the hearing, together with a copy of the petition, shall be given as provided in Section 1220 if the matter concerns a decedent estate, as provided in Section 1460 if the matter concerns a conservatorship or guardianship, or as provided in Section 17203 if the matter concerns a trust to all of the following persons:

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Costs Of Probate In California: What You Need To Know In 2018

In California, if your assets are valued at $150,000 or more and they are not directed to beneficiaries through either a trust plan, beneficiary designation, or a surviving spouse, those assets are required to go through the probate process upon your incapacity or death.  Here are the costs you can expect if faced with probating an estate.

Court Fees

In Nevada County, for a “straightforward” probate, the largest court fees are incurred at the beginning and end of the process. The fee to file a probate petition is $435. Additionally, there will be a $435 filing fee to file the petition for final distribution of the estate assets. There will also be miscellaneous fees such as publication of the probate notice, fees associated with the probate referee, and fees for certified copies of court documents.  If the estate is more complicated or if there are disagreements between parties, additional court fees may be incurred.

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