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Pet Protection

From making sure your pet is properly tagged to checking your smoke detectors regularly, here are the best ways to prepare for a fire emergency.

Buy a pet – rescue alert sticker.

– These stickers are a lifesaver in a fire because they can tell rescue workers what pets live inside your home. Make the sticker visible by placing it near or on your front door. It should include the types of animals inside as well as the name and number of your vet.

Make sure your pet is easily identifiable.

– If your pet bolts during a fire, how will he or she get back to you? If your dog or cat is wearing a collar or tags with up-to-dat identification information – including their name, your name, your address and phone  number- It’s much easier to locate you in the aftermath of an emergency.

Know your vet’s contact info.

– In the event that your pet’s injuries are more severe, it;s smart to keep the phone number and address of a local animal hospital handy. Having help on speed dial could be a matter of life or death for your pet.

Keep leashes and an emergency kit near an exit.

– Place items you might need in an emergency- such as leash or cat carrier- where you can quickly and easily get to them.

Practice routes of escapes.

– Make sure you’ve got an emergency plan – identify points of quick exit in your home – and do a dry run with your pet.

Know where to find your furry BFF.

– A moment’s notice may be all you have in an emergency, so make sure you’re aware of all the places your pets like to hide because you may need to find them and evacuate quickly.

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