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Tips for Creating an Energy-Efficient Kitchen

Is your kitchen an energy waster? Make it a super energy-efficient kitchen with these easy money- and energy-saving tips. Do you know about vampire power–the power many appliances and devices draw when switched off? Find out how you can cut that phantom power draw with a few small changes. Remember, saving energy doesn’t just save money, it helps the environment too!

Make Your Kitchen Energy Efficient

Save Money and Energy with these great tips.


– Let food cool before placing in the fridge; It takes extra energy to cool those dishes down.

– Don’t leave the fridge door open while figuring out what you want or need, allowing cold air to escape.

– Maintain your refrigerator door seals for a tight, energy-efficient fit.

– Don’t keep your refrigerator too cold. The recommended temperature for the main food compartment is 35- 38 degrees.

– Defrost refrigerator as recommended.


– Use the burner size that matches the size of the pot. Cover your pot or pan with a lid or tent with foil to cook more quickly.

– When boiling water, use the right amount; Don’t waste energy boiling extra.

– If cooking on an electric stove, turn off burner a few minutes before food is finished because the burner stays hot.

– If  cooking on electric stove, turn off burner

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